Cutler Hammer Breakers

Cutler Hammer breakers are produced by Eaton Corporation, a global technology leader that purchased Cutler-Hammer Incorporated in1978. Cutler-Hammer, a company in Milwaukee in business for 86 years, manufactured electrical power distribution and control products, including circuit breakers, safety switches and industrial devices. Cutler-Hammer was well known for producing specialty electrical controls for commercial and aerospace applications, semiconductor equipment and equipment for defense applications. Today, Eaton Corporation produces a vast array of quality electrical equipment for commercial and residential applications such as Cutler Hammer breakers, surge protectors and control panels.

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Due to their superb performance and favorable rating among customers, Cutler Hammer circuit breakers are readily available from coast to coast at retail outlets and can easily be purchased at many online websites for fast delivery through the mail.  Many individuals choose to purchase quality Cutler Hammer breakers at Lowes or Home Depot as well as many other popular hardware outlets.  Another excellent choice for purchasing Eaton Cutler Hammer breakers is to purchase them directly from Eaton manufacturing retail outlets located throughout the United States.  When selecting your circuit breaker from Eaton directly, you will gain two main advantages. You will have a huge variety of circuit breaker types to choose from all while going straight to the source and purchasing your Cutler Hammer circuit breaker at the best possible price.

circuit breaker typesCustomers can receive additional advantages when purchasing Cutler Hammer breakers, Cutler Hammer switches and Cutler Hammer Panels directly from Eaton Corporation.

  • Direct interaction with an Eaton employee who can recommend the right circuit breaker types for your individual needs.
  • A huge selection of related products like Cutler Hammer panels, Cutler Hammer switches and Cutler Hammer surge protectors.
  • Friendly customer care while at the retail outlet and superior support after the sale if needed.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a Cutler Hammer catalog for future purchases!

Many individual may have questions regarding which circuit breaker types should be selected for their specific commercial or residential application.  After browsing through the Cutler Hammer catalog and narrowing down your selections, feel free to ask questions and discuss your specific requirements with a qualified representative at Eaton. They will be more than happy to address your concerns and recommend the perfect Eaton Cutler Hammer product for your unique situation.

circuit breaker types

If by chance you purchased your Cutler Hammer breaker, Cutler Hammer switch or Cutler Hammer panel from a local Cutler Hammer distributor or Cutler Hammer contractor, then your in luck.  After the sale support is still available through Eaton free of charge should the need arise.  Before purchasing from a local distributor or contractor, make sure they are qualified and authorized to distribute Eaton products.  A quick check with your local contractor’s association will point you in the right direction.

circuit breaker types

If your looking for the most economical solution and searching for the cheapest Cutler Hammer breakers available, then fire up your computer and start searching online. Websites like and will have plenty of the cheapest Cutler Hammer breakers to choose from. Make sure to check the feedback of the sellers on these sights to avoid any problems.  Using a credit card in conjunction with a  PayPal account will give you added protection from unscrupulous sellers or problems that might arise during shipping.  If your absolutely looking for the cheapest Cutler Hammer breakers available, look for used or second hand circuit breakers.