When searching for the best electrical parts and components available, there’s no need to look any further than the Eaton Cutler Hammer Catalog. While it might be tempting to stop in at a local Lowe’s or Home Depot for Cutler Hammer breakers, Cutler Hammer switches and Cutler Hammer panels, chances are the selection will be limited and it might be difficult to find all the quality Eaton Cutler Hammer products that your project calls for.

Eaton Cutler Hammer Catalog

A better solution is to save the time and expense of running all over town looking for Cutler Hammer circuit breakers, Cutler Hammer panels and Cutler Hammer load centers, opting instead to sit down with a warm cup of coffee and browse the Eaton Cutler Hammer Catalog online. Available in PDF format, Eaton Corporation offers all 15 volumes of the Cutler Hammer catalog online. It’s a simple and effective way to find and order all the circuit breakers, electrical panels, electrical switches and virtually every product imaginable needed to complete your residential or commercial project. The following volumes are made available online:

Cutler Hammer catalog

  • Eaton’s Consulting Application Guide (Complete 15th Edition)

  • Price and Availability Digest

  • Volume 01 – Residential and Light Commercial

  • Volume 02 – Commercial Distribution

  • Volume 03 – Power Distribution and Control Assemblies

  • Volume 04 – Circuit Protection

  • Volume 05 – Motor Control and Protection

  • Volume 06 – Solid-State Motor Control

  • Volume 07 – Logic Control, Operator Interface and Connectivity Solutions

  • Volume 08 – Sensing Solutions

  • Volume 09 – OEM Product Guide

  • Volume 10 – Enclosed Control – Product Catalog

  • Volume 11 – Vehicle and Commercial Controls

  • Volume 12 – Aftermarket, Renewal Parts and Life Extension Solutions

  • Volume 13 – Counters, Timers and Tachometers

  • Volume 14 – Fuses

  • Volume 15 – Solar Inverters and Electrical Balance of System

Cutler Hammer switches

Due to gains in technology and the complexity and sophistication of many electrical parts, sourcing these components locally can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible. What has worked well in the past with traditional retailers by supplying their customers with a printed catalog, is not a viable option for Eaton Corporation. Due to the sheer size and number of volumes of the Cutler Hammer catalog, the best solution is to provide the Eaton Cutler Hammer Catalog online. Not only is it cost effective, it’s also environmental sound. Additionally, the catalog is continually being updated with new products when they become available.

Cutler Hammer panels

Some special features of the online Cutler Hammer catalog that you should pay close attention to are the icons listed by the products. A Green Leaf Icon indicates that Eaton Corporation used environmentally sound practices when producing the product. This is done by using energy efficient technology, renewable resources and complying with specific federal rules and regulation that are considered green. When video demonstrations and tutorials are associated with a certain product and available online, a Learn Online Icon will be shown. These videos and demonstrations provide step-by-step instructions and tutorials on topics like proper installation of the product and safety concerns. When a Drawings Online Icon is indicated, drawings and diagrams are made available online for the customer to view.

Cutler Hammer circuit breakers

As Eaton Corporation endeavors to ride the technology wave of the future and produce newer and better Cutler Hammer circuit breakers, Cutler Hammer panels, Cutler Hammer load centers and Cutler Hammer breakers, they will continue to update the Cutler Hammer catalog and make these innovative products available online and through Cutler Hammer distributors. Additionally, as more and more Cutler Hammer distributors become available nationally, you’ll be able to easily locate and hire Cutler Hammer contractors in your area to install these technologically advanced products.  Be sure to contact your local contractor’s association for qualified Cutler Hammer contractors.

Cutler Hammer breakers